Linux Resources

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Here are some Linux resources that I have found to come in handy:

Reddit :

  • /r/Linux   - A general Linux subreddit, you can get a lot of information here on pretty much any Linux related topic
  • /r/linuxmint - This is a great place to get information and help on LinuxMint
  • /r/linux_gaming - Here you can find out the latest on Linux games, what's coming out, what's good, what sucks.
  • /r/debian - Debian is at the root of a lot of distros, so this is a good place to see what might be coming down the line for a distro you are running.
  • /r/linux4noobs - Great resource for the new Linux user, people are friendly and willing to answer questions.

Gaming Resources:

  • Linux Gaming Database - A database games available for Linux, also has a user rating system
  • Steam - Steam, gaming for all platforms with lots of games with Linux Support, over 1500 as of December 2015.

Youtube Channels:

Linux Distros:

  • Distro Watch -  This site tracks popularity of different linux distros, and keeps a running top 100 list.
  • Linux Mint - The home page for Linux Mint.
  • - Debian's home page
  • CentOS - Centos is a RedHat Enterprise Linux clone.

Google+ Comunities & Pages

  • LinuxMint - This is the big one for LinuxMint.
  • Linux Foundation - Great source of information on what is going on in the Linux world.
  • Gaming On Linux - The best resource on the gaming scene, info on what's coming up, and reviews on current releases.
  • Linux - This is the main Linux community.
  • Sysadmin Unix/Linux - This is a great one if you admin Linux boxes.  They are always willing to help out when you are stumped.


This is a work in progress, so check it often.  I will be adding more sections and more links as I have time to do so.