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Q - Why are you blogging?  You suck at it :P

A - Well, Part two of that question is why I blog.  I have always been a horrible writer, have always had trouble getting my thoughts written out so that people would understand them, so I blog so that I can get better at writing.  I enjoy writing, even if it's just my review of a game, or a guide on how to do something in Linux, or just sharing a piece of music.  I enjoy it, and the more I do it the better I get.  That's pretty much it.  

Q - What is this site?

A - This site is a place for me to store my tech/music/whatever notes, and since I am starting to collect a large amount of them, I figured I would share them.

Q - Is this a blog? 

A - Yes, sort of.. It is a blog in the sense that I post articles every now and than.  But it's mostly a place for me to store data that I do not mind sharing.  It's a resource.

Q - Did you write all the notes on this site?

A - Some are original and some are reposts from other sites.   I will try to credit those sites when I can. 

Q - Why did you bother, why not book mark stuff?

A - I got tired of book marking things that interest me, and then coming back to them in a month/year/decade and finding that they no long exist.  So now when I see something I like, I copy and paste it into this wiki.  That way it will always be there when I need it.

Q - Can I add content to your site?

A - Currently, no.  But maybe someday.  You can add comments to articles if you create an account.

Q - Is the Wiki going away?

A - Eventually it will, after I am done porting over the articles I feel are worth saving.

I will add more questions as I make them.. err I mean receive them ;)