What to write about..

SnoovatarNow that my graphics card is dead in my Linux box, I can't really continue to review linux games on Steam; that was one thing I really wanted to blog about.  But I guess since there are other things that I like to talk about I can start blogging about those.    For example, I'm a reddit fan, and today I discovered snoovatars.  I made a custom one for my self, but not sure where they show up..


Temporary setback

Well, I accidently fried my ATI card that I was gaming off of on my linux box.  So for a little while I won't be gaming on my Linux box.   I think I am going to save up some cash and build a proper linux gaming system, So for the time being I will be writing about other linux stuff, and less gaming news.   I do admit though, my short time gaming on my linux box was a lot of fun, so I am looking forward to getting back into it.   I may still convert my other computer to linux at some point.  Not sure.  Only time will tell. 


Spammers suck

I've had to tighten down account creation on this blog due to spammers.  If you are a legit user who wants to comment or participate with my site then please send me an e-mail after you apply for your account and I will activate your request.  

The spammers have really made running an interactive site a pain in the ass.  

Thanks for understanding,


Gaming on Linux

I've been wanting to give gaming a try on linux, just to see how far it has progressed, and since I have been reading alot about Steam on Linux it made since to give Steam a try.  I have been a Steam member forever now.. Just looked, according to my steam profile I have been using steam now for 11 years.. Wow.