So broke, but can still get games - The Steam Winter Sale is on!

What a great time to be broke, all that Christmas shopping, my wallet has been bleeding green for days, and now it’s finally dead.  Oh just in time for the Steam Winter Sale.  What can I possible do to satisfy my urge to buy some games?

Episode 2 - Lets Install Linux

In Episode 2 we will install Linux Mint 17.3 into a freshly created virtual machine (VM).  You can also follow these directions to install linux on any computer, but be careful these directions will wipe all data from your current harddrive, this is why I recommend installing on a VM until you are ready to commit to Linux full time.

For directions on how to setup the VM, please see episode 1.



How to setup a virtual machine in VirtualBox 5

In Episode one of the Fratm Vlog, I will show you how to create a new virtual machine that will be ready to install Linux on.   This is part one of a multipart series that will take you from the beginning steps for a clean Linux install all the way to customizing your own setup.  We will begin by creating a virtual machine (VM), and in episode 2 we will install Linux Mint 17.3 in that same VM.



Renaming a site in Drupal Multisite

Drupal MultisiteAt my day job I am in charge of administering a drupal server that is running a multisite config with nearly 100 sites on it.  I know, crazy, right?  Once in awhile I get a request to rename a site.  This is not a fun task, usually the site has links that will break if we just change the name in DNS and not modify the database.

Let's Encrypt is live!

It's live and setup here on!  It was pretty easy to setup.  I basically followed the directions in the Let's Encrypt online manual and as soon as they opened the servers up to the public, I was able to request and install my certificate.

Pretty exciting.   Does this mark the beginning of the end of non-encrypted web connections?  I sure hope so!



Linux Top 5 Wish List

Now that I have posted my “Linux Top 5 Games” list, this got me thinking, what are the top five games that I wish were available for linux (natively) and are the games that give me an itchy trigger finger to create a Windows partition.   I know some of these games can be played in WINE, but native support is where it’s at.




My Top 5 Must Have Linux Games.

I was thinking about what got me into gaming on Linux, well besides my desktop running linux for the past 10 years or more.  What really made it so that I was happy with the idea of killing my Windows box, and just being a full time Linux user and gamer.   I think a big part of this decision was the games that I play and the fact that most of them are available for linux now, and run quite well.